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Beach bag anchors are the best
After 40 plus years of digging anchor holes into Lake Powell beaches the folks at Beach Bags Anchor System have invented a much better way. They are easy to setup and we found we could secure our 75 foot houseboat on beaches where anchor holes would ... Read More

be impossible.

Beach Bag Anchors, Work!
We've been to Lake Powell 50+ times house boating, the Beach Bags were quicker than digging sand anchors and less sweating to get it done. We just did 2 bags on each side of our 75' three story houseboat and had no issues during the wind all week.
Safe in 55 mph gusting, Bravada 2275GT
These bags are not for the non-athletic crew. They weight around 75# and are bulky. Where we anchor they often have to be carried up rock slopes. Set up time for one 4500 and two aft 6500 bags is about 45 minutes. Also if you pull into a site when ... Read More

winds are present make sure to leave someone on the helm. Always preset your site if possible for a safe quick houseboat anchoring. The new bags are going to be lighter so it may get easier. The five star rating is because you will benefit in two ways. You are safe in high winds and the park rangers will not hassle you. See the pictures for the profile of our boat.

Works as advertised!
As total novice rookies houseboats, we decided to use Beach Bags. The first one took about 15 to 20 minute to set up, but the second one only took about 6-7 minutes. Our 75 foot houseboat never moved and we were very happy with the whole process
The beach bag crew was amazing. They dropped off the bags the night before and explained everything to us. They not only helped us with the bags but gave us lots of tips re: Lake Powell. The bags were easy to use and very secure. The instructio ... Read More

nal videos are excellent and everyone should watch them before they go out. We had a couple of windy nights, but the bags kept us very well anchored. The tight rope system was amazing and made tightening the ropes super easy each day. The tight rope system is a must. This is definitely an environmentally sound alternative to pinning and will keep Lake Powell beautiful for generations to come. We really enjoyed using the Beach Bags. It was a good way to sleep easy at night at Lake Powell

We used the beach bag system on our houseboat for the 1st time this year and it more than exceeded our expectations. They were very easy to fill and empty and the kids really enjoyed watching them fill up as well. They were rock solid and better than ... Read More

any other anchoring system we have tried in the past. As a bonus there new tight rope system absolutely blew us away. Both items are a real game changer for us and something that we will be using every year. Great job guys!

We've Noticed The Impact Pinning Has Had On The Shorelines
First off Thank You for coming up with this product and the care that has gone into it. Now that the pinning issue has come up we started noticing the impact that pinning has had on the shorelines. If you look the holes are everywhere, at the beach w ... Read More

e chose in Last Chance Bay for the majority of our time had probably 20 holes and one pin stuck in its hole. Before we left we broke that pin off below the rock line. In the same area we picked up a couple of dozen golf balls. During our time on the water we are guessing at least 80% of the privately owned houseboats/boats we saw on our adventures were pinned. The NPS could have made a good deal of money if they sent patrols out to cite people. Brandon did a great job of explaing the system and demonstrating the system when he dropped it off. We were definitely surprised when he showed up in a car and pulled all of the equipment out of it. You need to get him a truck ... ... Thanks again for the product, lets hope more boaters opt for this solution. I would suggest you market to the shared ownership groups and the management companies. As the pinning issue becomes more publicized the owner groups and management companies will/should be held accountable to damage caused by their clients.

Great System
I used the Beach Bags System in early September for my 65 foot houseboat. I really appreciated the quality and ease of use and I can tell that a lot of effort went into the design. It worked exactly as advertised in all respects. The directions we ... Read More

re easy to follow and I had my crew view the video before we started so that we were all on the same page. The more the better, but I feel that this system could easily be put into place with two people. We had some strong winds during our trip and the bags were on solid rock (sandstone). They did not move at all. I really appreciated having the system in place and the very best part of it all was the rope tightening system. That is the best way to tighten ropes that I have ever seen in my more than 40 years of Lake Powell trips. The people at Beach Bags were easy to work with and they delivered and picked up the system right on schedule. Overall, a great experience with a quality designed product. Highly recommend.

Well worth the $
This was our first time using the beach bags. They were so easy to use. Delivered right to our houseboat, great communication. Wonderful people to work with. Will be renting again next year.
No digging and a good nights sleep
We had such a great time! Quaranteaming at Powell! These bags were awesome! We slept well at nights and felt super secure! We had to try them and they worked better than we imagined! We were able to pick a prime spot! Will get them again!! #straighto ... Read More

utofquarantine and lived in our #houseboat #lakebubble


Beach Bags houseboat anchors are an ideal pin and sand anchor replacement for Lake Powell. They are intuitive and easy to use whether you're anchoring your houseboat on the rocks or in the sand. Simply: Flop, Fill and Chill. Rented by the week, Beach Bags is a great way to anchor your houseboat.

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